We offer celebrities and social media influencers a simple way to bring in additional revenue via social media sponsorships and endorsements.


  • Service – Beatnik is made of a small passionate team that is based on honesty.  We give influencers VIP and one on one treatment.  They have someone to trust that is looking out for their best interest FIRST.
  • Transparency- Influencers sign every agreement and see all deliverables.
  • We Listen - Influencers make 100% of the decisions on who they want to work with. We want to bring our influencers organic sponsorships.  Not every influencer likes the same things or support the same social and economical issues.  Beatnik listens to each individual influencer on what he/she likes and goes to the brands directly. This way it is a perfect match.
  • Integrity - There are many social media agencies out there where you have to sign in to their network.  Influencers enter their private information in to their network.  The agency then uses your loyal following and all your followers to clump in to their overall agency network. The more they can get in their network, the more brands are willing to pay the agency.  The agencies make their money from the brands by leveraging all the influencers’ network and then give you a portion of what they are getting. Unlike getting thrown in to the mix with many different influencers and brands and then having it be a matchmaking game, Beatnik goes directly to the brands influencers love. Beatnik only benefits when the influencer benefits