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We energize athletes, brands and properties through the power of event activations and sponsored posts. Our team has the power and expertise necessary to develop and execute a wide range of successful programs, activations and events.

Social Media

The majority of small business owners on social media credit it for over 25% of their sales. We're the people who help make that happen. By managing your entire online presence, we're able to grow your brand and keep new and existing customers coming back for more. And we do it all organically.


BMG provides objective strategic analysis and advice to help assess the potential outcomes of marketing and sponsorship opportunities across the full spectrum of arts, entertainment, festivals, causes, associations, media and more. Focusing on their impact on defined business objectives to improve future performance.


Need a website? How about some photography to go with that? You'll also need a logo, right? Maybe you need one or all of the above. Whatever it is, we have the talent to give you the visuals you need.